About Company

MMS GROUP LLC (MMS) provides large range of technical services in Marine field. Though it has been established in November of 2015, this did not refrain the company to gain the highest reliability and top position among the marine stakeholders in Georgia.

This has been reached through the careful selection of personnel with huge experience and highest qualification on the market, creating outstanding team, which is able to respond to the latest international standards at once and direct the company to the right way for undisputed success.

On 2017 company diversified business and added construction field. As a result, today the company is well experienced, most trusted and reliable partner providing regional construction and building works.  The company is characterized to handle and implement any difficult project within the given time and budget while ensuring high quality.

Company has been commissioned on a variety of schemes at all stages of the project lifecycle, from the design development to the implementation of construction projects varying in size and complexity. Despite significant challenges projects always have been delivered on time, in style and on budget.

The company relies on most modern equipment and facilities that provides best service for its partners, recognized as highly technological by the world known monitoring organizations.